Marketing For Your RTO - Registered Training Organisation


Why do you need marketing for your RTO – Registered Training Organisation?

An RTO (Registered Training Organisation) needs marketing to attract potential students and inform them about the courses and programs they offer. Marketing helps increase awareness and interest in the RTO’s offerings, which can lead to an increase in enrollment and revenue. Additionally, marketing can help the RTO differentiate itself from competitors and establish a positive reputation in the community.

Why Choose Us for your RTO Marketing?

It is important to choose an expert for RTO marketing because they have the knowledge and experience to effectively promote your courses and programs to potential students. An expert in RTO marketing will have a deep understanding of the target audience, the latest marketing trends, and the regulatory requirements that need to be met. They will also have access to the right tools, resources, and networks to reach a wider audience and generate leads.

We can also help you create an effective marketing strategy that takes into account your unique selling points and differentiates you from competitors. They can also help you measure the success of your marketing efforts and make adjustments to improve results.

Additionally, We as an expert in RTO marketing will have the knowledge and experience to create and execute marketing campaigns that are compliant with the regulatory requirements set by the relevant authorities. This can help you avoid penalties and fines that can be costly and damaging to your reputation.

Overall, choosing us for your RTO marketing can help you achieve your enrollment and revenue goals, and build a positive reputation for your RTO in the community.

Are you looking to increase the Enrolment numbers Leads numbers number of ways to reach out to potential audiences ? We are here to provide you an expert solutions on RTO Marketing


We are the team who have been doing marketing for various RTOs and are experts in this industry. We know the ASQA Standards for RTO 2015 and have a indepth understanding of Marketing Standards.


We have an experience of over 5 years working in the Vocational Education sector and with RTOs. We know the consumer profiles and the audience needed to tap for growing your enrolment numbers in your RTO.

Qualified Leads

We have generated over 5000 qualified leads in past few years. We have an indepth understanding of the target audience which makes us outstanding to generate only qualified and good quality leads.

Ongoing Training

Our team undergoes for ongoing training with various PD sessions organised by VELG or internal to be up to date with various updates coming up in the vocational education sector.

Why RTO needs to be compliant with ASQA Marketing Standards?

RTO marketing needs to be compliant with ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) marketing standards because ASQA is the national regulator for the vocational education and training (VET) sector in Australia. ASQA sets standards for the quality of training and assessment provided by RTOs, and these standards also apply to marketing activities.

The ASQA standards for marketing require RTOs to ensure that all marketing materials are accurate, not misleading, and not deceptive. RTOs must also ensure that their marketing materials accurately reflect the outcomes that can reasonably be expected from the training and assessment provided.

Additionally, RTOs are required to display their Australian Business Number (ABN) and the registration number issued by ASQA in all marketing materials. This ensures that students can easily identify that an RTO is registered and regulated by ASQA.

By complying with the ASQA marketing standards, RTOs can ensure that their marketing activities are ethical and transparent, and that they do not make false or misleading claims. This helps to build trust and credibility with potential students, and protect the reputation of the RTO and the VET sector as a whole.

If an RTO is found to be non-compliant with the ASQA marketing standards, they may be subject to penalties or fines and can also lose their registration.

Do you want to Download The Marketing Fact Sheet Provided By ASQA for Your RTO?

SEO for your RTO – Registered Training Organisation

We begin every SEO campaign with a website audit. Finding out how much work has to be done on an existing website starts with this. When getting their websites designed, most businesses don’t pay much attention to SEO. They lose out on ranking as a result, making it harder for people to locate them online.The good news is that we can still optimise websites to guarantee excellent organic search results.

We can assist with:

  • Google My Business setup and optimisation
  • Google Search Console and Analytics setup
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research

Google Ads & Social Media Advertising for your RTO – Registered Training Organisation

Given the intense competition, Google and social media advertising is crucial for RTOs. But it’s not the simplest thing to accomplish. In addition to understanding how to build up your target audiences and campaigns, develop compelling headlines and copy, and run the advertisements in the most economical manner possible, you also need to be current on the most recent trends and algorithm updates. Ads require ongoing testing, gauging, and modifying.

Does it require time? It most certainly does. However, there is no other method to achieve a good return on investment.

Social Media Setup and Management for your RTO – Registered Training Organisation

While it may be tempting to join every social media platform so that you don’t miss out, it is advisable to concentrate on one or two platforms that you can manage on a high level because your audience will benefit from this the most. The right use of social media takes a lot of effort and knowledge. Is the effort worthwhile? Absolutely! A long-term technique for establishing relationships and trust is social media.

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