5 Things You Must Know About Instagram Marketing and Hashtags

5 things you must know about Instagram marketing

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram has long been a major force in the world of social media marketing channels. And this is especially true for e-commerce companies that have access to a platform that is visual-focused, has devoted followers, and is highly engaged. Instagram has developed and expanded over the past few years at a rate comparable to Facebook, adding new features quickly and increasing its value to both users and merchants. How to optimize your profile, write highly engaging posts, get more results with both feed and Stories content, and assess your progress on the platform are all covered in this starter guide to Instagram marketing. 

Using Instagram to increase your brand’s awareness, audience, leads, and sales are known as Instagram marketing. Instagram is a highly effective marketing tool for brands, business owners, and creators because it is the most popular social media site for people between the ages of 16 and 34. 

The following are some Instagram marketing tactics: 

Organic content includes stories, reels, photos, videos, and carousel posts. Instagram ads, including those for stories and shopping, are examples of paid content. marketing through influencers Shop tabs, product tags, catalog, live shopping, Instagram checkout, and shopping ads are all shopping tools.

How Digital Marketing Lab can help you?

We assist you in maximising the reach and impact of your brand. We are an Australian company based in Wagga Wagga that specialises in digital marketing. We have a history of creating end-to-end strategies for companies just like yours to create an amazing online presence. 

DML is an Australian based digital marketing agency that is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, risk-taking services that build amazing brand identities, encourage interactions, increase sales, and produce results. 

How to Use Instagram’s Hashtag to Promote Your Brand? 

What’s in your Instagram caption, please? Do you mean# love and# instagood? Is it more# branded, or what? How much time do you spend considering the hashtags on Instagram? It might seem like more is better if you’re dipping your toes in the hashtag waters, but this is not always the case. Continue reading to find out more about the advantages of using hashtags on Instagram for your brand and how to implement them. 

5 Advantages of Using Instagram Hashtags For Brand 

Why should hashtags matter to you as a brand? Utilizing hashtags on Instagram has a number of advantages. There is a# advantage for everyone, regardless of your social media objectives. 

1. Increases discovery and exposure 

The increased exposure and discovery are the main justifications for using hashtags. Instagram’s top posts and most recent posts that used a hashtag are displayed when you click on one of them. The ability to explore all related posts

after that makes hashtags a fantastic way for users to discover more accounts to follow. This means that if you use the appropriate hashtags for your brand, other users will be able to find those posts. As a form of brand advocacy, your audience 

can promote your goods or services by using branded hashtags. Overall brand exposure benefits from hashtags. Even clicking through one post on the search results page will lead you to other similar posts. 

2. Promotes interaction with the audience 

Another form of engagement is when you use branded hashtags and promote their use. Tagged story posts are saved for the duration of the story, while tagged feed posts remain visible in search results. Consider hashtags to be an additional strategy for connecting with and interacting with your clientele. 3. Analysis of competitors 

3. Content research 

Hashtags can assist you in researching various content ideas, much like you would for SEO keyword research. Let’s say you want to contribute more to the #naturalskincare or #DigitalMarketing hashtag. Given that the hashtag has been used in over 6.9 million posts, that is rather difficult.

4. Links to online and offline campaigns 

Nowadays, if you visit any retail establishment, you’ll probably find a marketing campaign that has an associated hashtag. Hashtags provide a simple way to connect digital and in-person campaigns, whether they encourage you to use their general brand hashtag or one for campaigns.

5. Rivalry Research

How much of your market’s digital space are your rivals occupying? You can analyze your social media voice share with the aid of hashtags. There’s a chance that your hashtags and those used by your rivals will overlap, particularly if they are regional and industry-specific. The majority of those hashtag search results are occupied by your posts and those that your customers have tagged in an ideal voice-sharing situation. For content inspiration and to get ideas on where your brand might be lacking in comparison to competitor content, you can also read posts that contain your relevant hashtags 

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