11 Powerful NDIS Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Are you wondering how to use NDIS marketing to attract more customers? With the right strategies, businesses in the disability care sector can reach their target audiences and grow their profits. We’ve put together 11 simple, yet powerful NDIS marketing tips to help you get started!

ndis marketing
ndis marketing

Create an NDIS-Focused Website.

If you’re looking to increase your NDIS reach, the best place to start is with an NDIS-focused website. The content of your site should provide helpful and relevant information about the services you offer and how they meet the needs of NDIS participants. Additionally, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices so that people can access it regardless of their device or location. By having an easily accessible website, you’ll be giving people more opportunities to learn about your business and trust that you have the experience necessary for them to become a customer.

Make Sure You’re Listed On the NDIS Digital Platforms.

When marketing your NDIS business, it’s important that you are listed on the NDIS digital platforms. The most famous of these platform is the Myplace portal. This easily searchable website allows people with disability to enter their postcode or suburb and access local service groups who offer NDIS services that meet their needs. Being listed on Myplace provides additional opportunities for customers to find and contact you, so make sure you take advantage of this powerful tool!

Utilise Local Media to Reach Your Community.

Take advantage of local media outlets in your area to promote your business. This could include appearing on a radio show or taking out an ad in the newspaper or on community notice boards. Utilising local media can help you reach more customers and position you as an expert in your field, as well as demonstrating that you understand their needs and wants. Plus, it will give potential customers the chance to look through testimonials from previous customers – which is important for driving sales!

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Social media is one of the simplest and most effective ways to engage with potential customers. Take time to develop strategies that target the right audience and provide them with valuable information. Develop relationships with influential figures in your sector who will help you reach a wider network of consumers. Additionally, take advantage of social media targeting settings so that your ads are visible only to people who are looking for NDIS services in your area.

Leverage Loyalty Programs and Offers for Existing Clients.

Customer loyalty is key for any business and especially with the NDIS. One great way to boost your presence in the industry is to launch loyalty programs to incentivize existing clients. Make sure that you make your offers attractive enough to draw their attention, while at the same time providing them a sense of thoughtfulness and appreciation. You can also come up with special deals or discounts exclusive to existing customers which will create strong bonds between you and them.

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